The applicable Government rebate for solar pv systems, comes in the form of STC's or Small Technology certificates.

These can be created when a CEC accredited Grid Connect solar or Off grid solar installer signs of on their installation.

For detailed information please CLICK HERE, to be forwarded to the website of the "office of the renewable energy regulator, ORER"

Alternatly CLICK HERE to use this stc calculator from Greenbank Environmental, an STC trading firm.

Exactly how many STC certificates you can receive depends on the following factors:

  • your location (based on irradiance levels)
  • how many solar panels you install and what size they are
  • the current daily value of the certificates on the trading market

The  rough guide to estimating the approximate value for the stc Rebate ...... if you used $700 per kw of solar panels installed you would find yourself in the ballpark.......

(Use the Greenbank Environmental Solar STC calculator anyway) CLICK HERE

Solar panel rebate NSW, QLD, Victoria and surrounding areas.