Here's an example that describes many of our customers

You have purchased your Rural  land, and now are thinking about the next step

  • fencing
  • water supply
  • power supply
  • building the shed
  • building the house
  • what to plant for the future

You make a few calls to organize power to be connected to your block..........

The response is not what you expected. 

The power company gives you an estimate of $40,000 to install  power poles and a transformer, and lets you know it could be up to 6 months before they can get to it.

You realize that you will also get a bill quarterly, and have the price increased regularly

You decide to make some enquiries into off-grid power, and installing a stand-alone solar power system.

These are some of the things you will discover

  • Talking to Qualified Experts makes the process easy
  • Living off grid is easier than you thought
  • System design, specific to site and situation is important
  • a 3kw system off grid system can be suitable for a  2 person / 3 bedroom house
  • a 6 kw off grid system will run your 4 bedroom house beautifully, with the right set up
  • Setting up your house using the advice of an off grid designer can help, a lot.
  •  Systems can be installed in 2 weeks
  •  Off-grid power will often cost you less that installing power poles, to grid connect
  •  You will never again receive a power bill - yipee
  • Sustainable living feels great

You start to see why so many people are choosing to go off-grid nowadays.

Contact our Design Engineers to discuss how our off grid solar systems can save you money.